So Many Quills Hedgehogs

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The Pro's and Con's of Cages

If you have anything you want me to add or change, just contact me and I will surely add it! If you make your own cage that isn't listed, give me a picture and your personal pro's and con's along with some photos.  This video is not mine but I think that it shows a nice way to clean all types of cages, not only c&c cages.

Mesh Lid Terrarium

Though reptile cages look nice they are not the best.

PROS: can see everything in cage, nice open look, looks interactive.

 CONS: very expensive new ($70+) all depending on size and door system, hard to clean, heavy, smell builds up fast, often too short for wheel, heavy, can be dangerous to hedgehog if they ram glass (glass isn't truly noticeable to them so if they don't see it they could injure their nose, eyes, etc.)


Pet Store Cages

Cages meant for guinea pigs or rabbits are often sold in pet stores. When we first started, we used these cages. I found lots of problems using these but they were convenient to get.

PROS: Convent to get, easy to clean. Proper ventilation, Comes in many colors, and sizes.

CONS: much too small for any animal, Plastic bottom easily cracks. Wire rust and the connecting bars often come off. Some doors are very easy to open (easy escape). Bars can be too far apart and babies could easy go through them. These cages are very expecive ( brand new: $50-$120+). They break easily

Dog Crate/Cage

PROS: easy to find, spacious, can be found for cheap at yard sales or craigslist, very easy to clean fleece or litter boxes. Cages have multiple large doors. can creat levels with dividers/metal shelves.

CONS: can be expensive brand new, must get coroplast and cut it to go around the edge, bar spacing is too wide, hard to clean massive amounts of bedding,

DIY Bin Cage

*We use these for all of our females, and I think they are great!

PROS: easy to make(DIY), cheap, can be attractive, can be extended in size, and easy to clean.

CONS: the bigger the cage the more bedding, you have to make it yourself and, takes up a lot of space.

DIY C&C Cages

C&C cages (cubes an coroplast) are an ideal type of caging for custom needs.

Pros: Very easy to customize, make whatever size you want. Easy enough to upgrade when you have more space (though you have to buy more coroplast), plenty of ventilation, and lightweight for moving around. It's easy to clean as well, if you make a box-shaped coroplast base for it. I would think it would still stay pretty easy-to-clean even with a messy hog. Just spray the coroplast with whatever you use to clean and wipe off, if there's any tough spots, just let them sit for a bit longer.
Cons: The only one I can think of is kind of a big one is heating. I've had some issues trying to figure out how to keep the cage warm enough. I have two lamps for it, both 150 watts, and I still have to keep the cage semi-covered with  blankets. The temperature stays steadiest when I have my space heater on to keep my room at 74-76 degrees. However, my hogs comfortable temperature is also higher than some hogs, they like it to be around 78-80 degrees. They might be okay with it down to 76, but they had a few hibernation attempts and it's made me too paranoid to let it get cooler in the cage.

Ferret/Critter Nation

Ferret and Critter nation cages are very attractive looking cages and appropriate size.

PROS: very attractive looking, easy open doors, great for cleaning. Has second level this (with ramp replacement or cover) could be used as a loft or to hold extra supplies. Has bottom storage and a stand, the cage has legs with a wire shelf. The wheels are ideal for moving, and are easy to use.

CONS: The ferret nations bar spacing is too large for baby hedgies and they can easily escape, because of this you have to purchase higher pans or get coroplast to go around the bottom edge of the cage (+4 inches) . Another problem is they the pans of the cage are less than an inch and will not hold bedding (other then fleece), If you hog is a digger this could be a problem. The ramps that go up to the second level, are made of wire mesh and hedgies toes and tail can get stuck in between the bars, this could cause mayor injury. In the critter nation the bars are horizontail and for hedgehogs (natural climbers) this is an easy climb and if they fall this could be very dangerous.


Your hedgehog will need more than just a cage! They need lots of things to explore! Some things to keep in mind when shopping are

-Stir away from wooden toys!

   -hedgehogs can break their teeth if they were to chew on them

   - can easily get wood mites

-No cat nip!

   -any type of additive is not good for hogs try to keep the toys as clean as possible

-If you can break it, they can!

   - if you or a young child could break it, its not safe for your hedgehog

-No feathers!

   -Many cat toys have them, they can easily be pulled off and become a chocking hazard

Slate Tile

Just a sample size will do! I love having these in the cages all year (especially in the summer!). They are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In the winter it would be smart to cover it with a sock or some bedding, wouldn't want it to get too hot. You can go to your local hardware store and ask for a sample, if they aren't free don't expect to pay more than a dollar or two. Put it in a corner, or I like to put them under the water bowl. This could warm up your hog without you even noticing! I think they enjoy the option. Sometimes I go in the hog room and see them "splatted" out on their tiles!

Toilet Paper Rolls

If you cut these in half your baby will love to stick their head in the tube. It's fun for them and us! It's very funny to watch. This fun and cheap toy will be fun for everyone. Just make sure you cut it in half, you wouldn't want them to get stuck!

Litter Box

For best results get something for under the wheel! This isn't a necessity and only some hogs will use it. I try to litter train all my females, and they do seem to go in their litter boxes and it makes spot cleaning way easier! To litter train scoop up their poop an place it inside the litter box, do this all the time. They should get the idea sooner of later. Also if you see them going pick them up and put them in the litter box! Make sure you use a hog-safe litter! You can find some corner litter boxes meant for rabbits in the pet store for about $7, here's a link to one:


It's very important for hedgehogs to have toys. Just assuming you aren't with your hedgehog all night, they will need some entertainment. Hedgehogs are like toddlers always wanting new toys to play with! There are lots of safe toys to chose from, and your hedgehog will enjoy you alternating them!


Hedgehogs run 5-7 miles a night in the wild! Domestic hedgehogs still do lots of running, and need to exercise regularly to stay a healthy weight. It's commonly thought that having a wheel is a luxury for them, but really its a necessity. Your hog is trapped in that cage most of the night, help them out by letting them run.  The wheel must be 12" tall and be a solid bottom. If they are mesh their toes/tails can be pulled off if they got caught in the wires. Because it can be hard to find the perfect wheel in a pet store, a  great place to find a wheel is etsy! I love the shop HenrysHedgehogHaven. They were nice enough to give us a coupon code for a dollar off. The code is DOLLAROFWHEEL (making the wheel and shipping only $30)! Here's a link to the shop, they have some other hedgehog things.

Baby Chain Links

The baby chains are great for hanging other toys from the top of the cage. I love to attach other baby toys (such as keys or stuff animals) to them, and have them dangle in the cage. It's so much fun to watch them try to get the toy attached. This can keep them entertained for ages, they are inter changeable and you can add or remove connectable toys.  I always find them at the dollar store but you can always find them at Babies R Us, here's a link .

Jingle Ball Cat Toys

These little balls can be linked to baby chains or dropped in the cage! Most of my babies love bouncing these around their cages. I am always able to find these at my local Walmart in a large multi pack. You can always find them in petsmart, here's a link

Hidey Houses

Your hog will need a place to escape all day! This place should be dark and preferably plastic. Your hedgehog will spend almost all day in this house. It's best to have two or three options for your baby.

Plastic Igloo

I use the largest size for mama's with babies. And the medium for single hogs. These are very easy to clean. They are just about $8 and are easy to find. I find these at petsmart

Cuddle Cups

If you use fleece, cuddle cups are great! Even if you don't use fleece these can be great! They are very soft on the hogs skin and are washable. I get mine from CozyHedgieBags off etsy, they are high quality and all my hedgies love them. She was even kind enough to give us a coupon code. It's Lilysfriend24 it's only for a dollar off, but that's another dollar in your pocket! Here's a link to her shop.

Cozy Bag

Same as the cuddle cups! These are great for babies who love dark places. The same link and coupon code can be used.

4"-5" PVC Pipe

All my hogs love these basic toys/huts. They can run through them for fun or stuff them with bedding for a nice nap. You can pick one up at your local hardware store for only a few dollars.

Bedding Options

Your hedgehog will appreciate having a cushion on the bottom of their cage! Bedding is also a good insulator and can help keep your baby warm.