So Many Quills Hedgehogs

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Basic Guidelines

  • Many hedgehogs love to play in warm water and will enjoy themselves during bath time.
  • We prefer to give hedgehogs a bath in a sink or a bathtub. 
  • Hedgehogs that like to swim may enjoy the bathtub and a kitchen sink can be disinfected after use.
  • Even though hedgehogs are good swimmers one should never leave a hedgehog unattended


  •  Your hedgehog is ready for a bath when it looks dirty, has dry skin, “poopy boots” (dirty feet from, well, you know!), or anointed spots of dried “stuff”.
  • Some messy hedgies may need a bath more than others.
  • Bathing generally helps to relieve dry skin but hedgehogs bathed too frequently may contribute to dry skin

Step, by step instructions for bathing

  • Fill a deep sink or a bathtub with roughly 3 inches of warm water, make the water slightly cooler than warm. Make sure the water wouldn't be too hot for a human newborn baby.
  • Put a bath towel in the bottom of the tub or sink. This will make the tub or sink less slick for the hedgehog, making the experience much more enjoyable.
  • Allow the hedgehog to explore the sink. Its very normal for a hedgehog to relieve them selves. Remove any "excess hedgehog" as it comes to keep the water as clean as possible. If the water gets too dirty drain the water and put new in.
  • Take a cup (or your hand in a cupped position) and put water over the hedgehogs quills. Be sure the water is touching the skin. Massage the water onto the hedgehog in order to loosen any grim. Avoid getting too much water in the hedgies eyes, ears, mouth, or ears.
  • Get your shampoo and genially rub it all over your hedgehog's back and belly. Avoid the face.
  • After letting the soap/shampoo "sink in" rinse carefully.
  • Get a small amount of olive oil and rub it onto the hedgehog's skin. This is great for hogs with dry skin.
  • Massage oil into the hedgehog's skin then gentility rinse.

Make sure all product is off your hedgie

Touch ups

  • Get a baby wipe and make sure the feet are clean and poop free.
  • Take the edge of a baby wipe and wipe behind the ears, and under the eyes and chin.
  • Wipe around the tail, and genitals. Any places were you may haven't washed well.

Step, by step instructions for drying 

  • Take a soft towel and gentility rub your hog.
  • Be sure to massage the belly dry.
  • Now rub the quills, try to get down to the skin. Don't rub or press too hard.
  • Pat dry the face

Nail Clipping

Trimming your hedgehogs nails, is quiet challenging. Though it is very challenging it is very important that you always keep the nails trimmed. If you fail to do this, your hogs claws could over grow and curl into their paw. Being painful and can cause infection. If a very bad bacteria gets into the cut, it could end in your hedgehog loosing there paws!

This video is not made from me. I found it on youtube and thought it was very helpful.

We use the pedipaw, which is a nail saw used for dogs and cats. I found it much easier to use than normal nail clippers. Also we take off the template, cover (the orange thing) and we just put all the claws on at once and leave them straight,