So Many Quills Hedgehogs

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Our Herd

The Ladies

This is Rosie, our albino lady. She loves being on her wheel and the occasional cuddle.  She was born on 2/14/14!

Hey there Delilah what's it like in Cincinnati? Delilah is from Shawneeland Suggies and Spikes and was born on 7/8/15.

Opal, The sweetest double white you'll ever meet! She has black eyes unlike Rosie. Her birthday is 6/17/15.

The Gentlemen 

Our Beloved Finn is quiet the lady's man. He produces beautiful hoglets in a wide range of colors. Finny boy was our first male and was born on 5/23/13

Oliver, Olly, our newest boy! We got him super recently from Heart of Ohio Hedgies!

Special Exotics

Brazilian Short Tailed Opossum

The Ladies

Meet Miss Myrtle! She is a Brazilian Short Tailed Opossum and was born on 5/25/15!

The Gentlemen

ISO of male STO! Any breeder recommendations welcome!

Breeding Schedule

Due dates are bound to change, these are only estimated of when my girls are due. Also if a mother doesn't deliver, or a male does not do his job. Then we will not have babies.

 Excpted Due Date
 Expected Weaning Date

Waiting list

Interested in being on the waiting list? Send me the following information via text, email, or facebook DM.

-full name

-phone number

-email address


-living situation (parents, renting)

If you have a certain litter or color you'd like please don't count on getting it. When babies are born you are contacted and told what we think the babies are (gender, color, and most importantly personality!). If you don't see anything you like you can wait or be moved off the list.

How the waiting list works

When babies are born we will make them an online profile, as we do for all the hogs. We will then contact you and tell you to look at the profiles. If possible you and your family/hog care givers will come and view the babies(when they are 3.5 weeks old). You will pick your favorite and you will put a deposit($50+) on that hoglet in order to reserve him/her as your own.  When the babies are fully weaned you will come and get them and pay the remainder of the price.

If you are not able to come and see the hoglets you can mail us a deposit for your favorite baby. I can send you videos of the babies you and I think would match up with you and your family and then you can choose.

If you do not respond within 3 days of me contacting you that you need to chose a hoglet. I will contact the next person. They then get your spot on the waiting list because you were absent in choosing a baby. If you contact me after those 3 days you are no longer on the waiting list and you will be served as other [non-waiting list] costumers.