So Many Quills Hedgehogs

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  • You must be 18 years or older to purchase a hedgehog from us. I you are not over 18 years old you must have parents permission, and provide me with their phone number when contacting me.
  • If the hedgehog is a gift please bring the recipient with you during pickup.
  • All of our hedgehogs are for pet only home.
  • We have the right to refuse a sale at any time.
  • If you plan on buying more than just one hedgehog, they must be of the same gender. All of our babies are related (even our dark grey boy, he was produced by finn!), so inbreeding would be an issue.

Payments and pickup

  • We only accept cash.  All payments must be paid in full before the hedgehog can go home.
  • At this time, pick ups are only available in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • We do not offer delivery to personal residences or parking lots.
  • At this time, we do not offer shipping.


All appointments are scheduled with Brooklyn Hart through email. All appointments are in my home in Cincinnati, Ohio. If any of these hours don't work for you or you have any questions or special requests please contact us with your concerns.

Appointments Hours

Holiday Appointments Hours

We only offer appointments at certain times for picking up a hedgehog or doing a meet-and-greet. 


  • Sunday -  11am-7pm
  • Monday - 4pm-7pm
  • Tuesday - 4pm-7pm
  • Wednesday - 3pm-7pm
  • Thursday - 4pm-7pm
  • Friday - 3pm-8pm
  • Saturday - 11am-8pm
  • Christmas

    • The week before Christmas will have normal business hours.
    • Christmas Eve will have special pick up times from 3pm to 8pm for an additional fee of $50
    • Christmas morning there is no pickup times available.
  • New Years
    • New Years Eve will have hours from 7am-5pm for an additional fee of $20
    • New Years Day will have normal business hours for an additional fee of $25
  • Easter
    • Easter day will have hours from 5am-8am for an additional fee of $50
  • Independence Day
    • Independence Day will have hours from 6am-8am for an additional fee of $10
  • Halloween
    • Halloween will have hours from 4pm-6pm for an additional fee of $25
  • Thanksgiving
    • Thanksgiving Day will have hours of 6am-9am for an additional fee of $25
    • Black Friday will have hours of 9am-3pm for an additional fee of $10


If the hoglet is not a good fit and is returned the day of sale, the full purchase price will be returned. If the hoglet dies, or shows signs WHS in the first week of being home, only half of the cost will be rewarded to the buyer. After the first week of the hoglet being in your hands, he/she will not be replaced nor repaid.


Most of our babies are around $250. Colors, genders, and pick-up date determine prices.  Holiday babies are priced higher due to demand. Boys are priced lower than girls because, males cannot be housed together after they are 10 weeks. Bonded females can always be housed together, so we need to get the male to their new homes faster. Prices can change due to age and temperament. If a baby hedgehog isn't very friendly there price may be lowed, as well if a baby hasn't been sold/ no one is showing interest in him/her.

Color Pricing

Salt and pepper

Female: $275

Male: $250

Grey/Dark Grey

Female: $250

Male: $225


Female: $250

Male: $225

Cinnamons/Apricots/ Cinnicot

Female: $275

Male: $250


Female: $275

Male: $275


Female: $200

Male: $175


All normal/reverse pintos are $25 added to the original price. Example:

Salt and pepper male $250

Pinto coloring            $25

total price                 $275


Apricot Female         $275

Pinto coloring           $25

Total price               $300


Female: $300

Male: $275

Why Buy From So Many Quills Hedgehogs?

  • We handle our babies from 10 days old to ensure that they will be great pets!
  • We feed high quality foods
  • All of our hogs are given spacious cages
  • We keep our breeding facility clean
  • We truly care about all of our hogs! That's why our breeders have names, not numbers
  • We "pass our babies around" so they get lots of experience with all types of people and are ready for a home
  • Our hogs are exposed to the household. They are comfortable with our dog, and 2 cats.
  •  Our home is smoke free! No one smokes in the house.
  • All of our hogs get daily (out of cage) playtime