So Many Quills Hedgehogs

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"A well educated and loving breeder. I was in fact the first official sale and the service and quality was top notch. A hedgehog is a must!"

-Ryan Kolker

"I absolutely love my little hedgehog that I got from you! He's great with big groups, and he's a wonderful boy! He can be a pain but he's totally worth it. Stiles is a total sweetheart, and he's a little love bug. thank you so much for my little baby! "

-Olivia Shaffer

"So this little guys name is Apollo, he's sweet, fun to play with and has the cutest little personality! He's one of the best animals I've ever had! He's so interesting and he's so sweet. I never thought I would find a hedgehog that was this friendly, easy to handle, and so love able. I love him and he was raised perfectly! I couldn't ask for a better hedgehog or breeder."

-Katie Mader

"My fiancé surprised me with this little girl this weekend. He told me all about you. She is so sweet and friendly and we love playing with her! Thank you so much! Her name is Nessie"

-Becca Kolker

"A very educated and loving breeder!"

-Courtney Duncan

"Got my baby girl Sassafras from Brooklyn just over a year ago =) shes an experienced, wonderful, and extremely helpful breeder. Great high quality hedgehogs in a variety of colors for a great price!"

-Samantha Lastamë Melbenion Davis

"Couldn't had asked for a better hedgehog or breeder! Brooklyn happily answered all my questions and is very helpful. She always has great advice to share with us."

-Darrien Bockting